Body repair and painting

Service contains

Time frame

2 – 3 days


By agreement

Body repair and painting are essential procedures that help restore the appearance of your vehicle after accidents or wear. Body repair encompasses a range of works from removing small dents to fixing major damages that may require straightening of parts or even replacement of sections. This process helps to restore the vehicle’s original shape and ensures the car looks as good as new. Besides structural restoration, body repair is also crucial for the vehicle’s safety, as it helps to restore the strength and stability of the car’s body.

Body painting is the next step after body repair, giving your vehicle a new and fresh look. This process includes preparing the car’s surface, applying primer, and applying high-quality paint that matches the vehicle’s original color. High-quality painting not only enhances the appearance of the car but also protects the body from rust and corrosion. Professional painting services use modern technologies and materials to ensure a uniform and lasting result that meets all manufacturer’s requirements.