Timing belt replacement

Service contains

Time frame

4 – 9 hours


40 €/h

Timing belt replacement is a critical maintenance procedure that involves replacing the engine’s timing belt with a new one. The timing belt is a crucial component that ensures the synchronized operation of the engine’s internal parts, such as valves and pistons. If the timing belt breaks or wears out, it can cause significant damage to the engine. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the timing belt at intervals specified by the manufacturer to avoid substantial repair costs and ensure reliable vehicle operation.

Timing chain replacement is a similar process to timing belt replacement, but it applies to engines that use a metal timing chain instead of a timing belt. While timing chains typically have a longer lifespan than timing belts, they can also wear out or stretch over time, which can similarly affect engine performance and cause damage. Replacing the timing chain helps maintain optimal engine performance and prevent potential problems that could lead to expensive repairs.