Service contains

Time frame

1 hour


50-150 €

Generator repair is a necessary procedure when your vehicle’s electrical system is not receiving enough power. The generator is a crucial component that produces electrical energy while the vehicle is running, supplying the vehicle’s electrical system and charging the battery. If the generator is not functioning correctly, it can lead to failures in the car’s electrical system, such as dimming lights or the car refusing to start. Specialists in generator repair can diagnose the cause of the problem and, if necessary, replace worn or damaged parts to ensure the vehicle’s proper operation.

Starter repair and replacement are also critical operations that ensure smooth starting of the car. The starter is a device needed to initiate the engine’s operation, providing the initial rotation so that it can start working independently. If the starter is faulty, the car may not start at all. Common starter problems include weak starting, a clicking sound during start, or no response at all when turning the ignition key. Qualified mechanics can identify the causes of starter failure and perform the necessary repair or replace the starter entirely to ensure your vehicle’s reliable starting under any circumstances.