Muffler and exhaust repair, welding

Service contains

Time frame

1-3 hours


40 €/h

Muffler repair, welding, and replacement are crucial operations for proper maintenance of a vehicle’s exhaust system. The muffler helps reduce engine noise, directs exhaust gases away, and ensures environmentally friendly exhaust emissions. Over time, leaks or holes can develop in the muffler, requiring prompt action to prevent exhaust gases from entering the vehicle’s cabin and increasing noise levels. Minor damages can often be fixed with muffler repair or welding, thereby extending the muffler’s lifespan.

However, if the muffler is too worn or severely damaged, the best solution is replacement. Installing a new muffler ensures optimal operation of the vehicle’s exhaust system, helps maintain engine efficiency, and reduces environmental pollution. It is important that muffler inspection and possible replacement be carried out in a specialized workshop, where professionals can guarantee quality and safe service. Regular inspections help prevent major problems and ensure a longer vehicle lifespan and better performance.