Steering rod repair or replacement

Service contains

Time frame

1 – 7 days


100-500 €

Repair or replacement of the steering rod is an essential procedure that ensures the vehicle’s maneuverability and safety. The steering rod is a central part of the car’s steering system, transmitting the driver’s movements through the steering wheel directly to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to be steered. Over time, the steering rod may wear out or become damaged, which can cause steering play, imprecise steering, or even malfunctions in the power steering work. These issues can affect the car’s maneuverability and safety.

If you notice unusual behavior in the steering, such as play in the steering wheel, hard turning, or strange noises when turning the wheel, it’s time to consult a specialist. A professional mechanic can diagnose the problem and decide whether the steering rod needs to be repaired or completely replaced. Timely intervention can prevent potential major damage and ensures that your driving remains smooth and safe.